Laterális henger elmozdító rendszer SVS 41

  • Position detection of the web edges is performed using a CCD line scan camera of infrared sensor
  • The standardized CAN bus guaranteed secure and quick data transmission
  • The  arrangement of the function groups as well as the membrane keypad with clearly understandable symbols and LED indicators ensure simple, error-free operation.
Operating voltage, nominal value 24 V DC 
Operating voltage, nominal range 20-30 V DC
Operating voltage with power supply 115-460 V  50/60 Hz
Current consumption 3.6 A DC
Ambient temperature +10 °C to +50 °C 
Protection class IP 54
Positional accuracy  +/- 1 mm (material-dependent)
Nominal width 50-1700 mm (gradation 50 mm)
Lateral displacement roller diameter 3x60  mm
Nominal actuating travel max. +/- 75 mm
Nominal actuating speed 1-25 mm/s (adjustable)
Web tension max 500 N
Error frequency Max. 1 Hz
Operating pressure, lifting device 3 bar
Kapcsolatfelvétel / ajánlatkérő